What is MiningCheck?

MiningCheck is a comprehensive Free Mining Risk alert service, which uses the most accurate, current and historic data to identify whether a property lies within a risk area. MiningCheck considers 64 minerals including Coal, Tin and Limestone.

What is a Mining Activity Risk area?

Mining Activity Risk is the geographic area where certain types of mining have been carried out which could impact either the property or the health and safety of individuals. Activities include the creation of: mine shafts, tunnels, ground workings, quarries and waste tips. The data is further enhanced to include areas where mining activity is planned.

The Council of Mortgage Lenders and The Law Society advise a mining search should be considered in areas where historical mining activity has taken place.
The Solicitors Regulation Authority advise conveyancers to act in their clients’ best interest which includes advising clients to undertake all known and pertinent searches.

Up until now, the challenge for home owners, solicitors, conveyancers, developers and surveyors was how to determine the areas where historical mining activity has been carried out! Mining activity has been going on throughout the UK for thousands of years.

For example, stone and copper ore were being mined in several areas prior to 2000 BC. Later, the Romans conducted widespread mining throughout England and Wales. Since then, huge quanties of limestone, coal, iron ore, clay, chalk, salt and dozens of other substance have been mined... ‘But not in my part of the country?’ - In fact, every single county in England and Wales has been subjected to historic mining activity!

MiningCheck is the most comprehensive source of Mining Activity data in England and Wales, results are based on data and mining expertise gathered over 40 years. Paul Raglan, Managing Director, Mining Searches UK Limited

How does it work?

MiningCheck scans your Postcode region, firstly to establish the data we have in your area, and secondly to alert you to any mining activity in that region.

If MiningCheck identifies Mining Activity Risk you can complete your address information and MiningCheck will carry out a detailed check against the one hectare square containing your property to highlight the type of mining activity risk detected.

Key Information

  • Mining and extraction has taken place in every county in England and Wales
  • Over 34% properties in England and Wales are within a mining activity risk area
  • There are in excess of 200,000 recorded mine shafts and audit/tunnel portals in England and Wales
  • Mining Risks also apply to towns and cities, for example parts of London, Norwich, Newcastle, Birmingham, Bristol and Swansea are in a mining risk area
  • If your property is affected by settlement or subsidence associated with mining activity, the cost to make safe can be significant
  • MiningCheck's results are based upon data and mining expertise gathered over 40 years
  • MiningCheck detects 64 types of minerals that have been mined in England and Wales

What are the types of Mining Activity?

  • Coal Mining

    Coal mining refers to the mining of coal bearing rocks. On a full purchased search we use the latest official Coal Authority Mining data enhanced by historic data from third party sources.

  • Stone Mining

    Stone Mining refers to the mining of non metal bearing rocks. These include many substances used in construction such as: Limestone, Chalk, Flint, Clay, Sand and Slate.

  • Evaporite Mining

    Evaporite Mining is the extraction of mineral salts such as Gypsum (calcium sulphate) used to make plaster boards or a crop fertilizer, Brine (table salt), and Potash – potassium salts used as fertilizer and the processing of soap and wool.

  • Hydrocarbon Mining

    Hydrocarbon mining includes oil-shale, peat and jet.

  • Metalliferous Mining
  • Is the activity associated with the mining of metal bearing rocks such as iron ore, and ores used to extract copper, lead, silver and tin.

What should I do next?

Whenever a property is found to lie within a mining risk area, we recommend that a PlanVal Coal and/or Non-Coal Mining Search should be carried out, based upon the type of Mining Activity Risk identified by MiningCheck.

For your protection and certainty, PlanVal Mining Searches include a Professional Opinion and £10 million Professional Indemnity Insurance.

PlanVal Coal or Non-Coal Mining Searches accurately identify Mining Risk areas using individual characteristics and attributes combined with official data from The Coal Authority (TCA) and independent data drawn from 40 years of independent mining assessments and inspections. Our unique data and professional opinion includes the types of mining and/or quarrying and the depth, area and extent of the potential risk.

PlanVal Mining Searches are available from leading conveyancing search providers: