About Mining Searches UK

Mining Searches UK are a leading provider of interpreted mining risk assessments or ‘mine search reports’, nationwide. Their specialist team also provide expertise and supervision related to mining site investigations, contaminated land and the remediation of mine workings.

Nationwide Coverage

Mining Searches UK have been assessing mining risk to property, land and prospective development for nearly forty years. Over this time they have developed an extensive digitised archive of historic mine plans, charts, geological maps and relevant information with nationwide coverage.

Trusted Solutions Provider

Mining Searches UK's clients include solicitors, surveyors, developers, structural engineers and architects as well as individuals: pretty much anybody related to property or land transactions. With their specialist team of geologists, mining engineers, archaeologists and historians they are trusted to provide solutions to sometimes complex issues relating to ground conditions and to mitigate mining risk. They have provided expert witness where necessary and advise local and regional governmental bodies.

Universally accepted

The service Mining Searches UK provide is built around keeping people safe, but also to assist the process of releasing bank funding for mortgage and insurance purposes. Their reports are universally accepted by every lender making it easier and quicker to buy or sell your property.

If you are considering selling or purchasing a house, commercial premises, adding an extension or developing land the chances are you will need their assistance.

For more information please refer to their website.