Case Studies

Our Case Studies provide real-world examples of risks to property across England & Wales caused by mining activity. MiningCheck identifies the Mining Risk Activity for all of the examples, and you can also view the Professional Search carried out for each property below.

Check this page from time-to-time to see our regular updates about recent Mining related incidents that could have been highlighted by MiningCheck and PlanVal's range of Mining Searches.

High Wycombe Sinkhole

A quick Google search of ‘High Wycombe sinkhole’ reveals some stunning news coverage of this spectacular collapse. The ‘Guardian’ article in particular includes a series of photographs which show a 30 ft deep sinkhole on the driveway in front of a family home.

Incredibly, it transpired that the sinkhole had swallowed a VW car that lay at the bottom of the hole covered in soil!

The emergency services were called and two police cars plus the fire brigade attended the scene, cordoning off the danger area. Fortunately, no one was hurt in this incident, but it does highlight the potential risk posed by sinkholes which can be caused by past mining activity and water erosion. In this particular case, past mining activity in the area has been suggested as the possible cause. Mining risk areas are found in many other parts of the country, some far less well known.

Plumstead Sinkhole

A quick Google search of ‘Plumstead sinkhole’ reveals another example of a dangerous sinkhole emerging on a London street.

The ‘Metro’ article in particular contains a photograph of the sinkhole immediately outside the front door of a residential home. After the emergency services were alerted, two fire engines were attended the scene and 48 people were reported to have been evacuated from a 25 metre ‘hazard zone’.

The precise cause of sinkhole was under investigation with suggestions that it may have been caused by historic mining activity. Cavities can be directly due to the extraction works or water erosion which grows the cavity into a sinkhole. The potential risk posed by mining activity, sometimes conducted hundreds of years before, affects many areas of the country.